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Salesforce Lightning Lookup Component

Note: This article has been superceded by: Version 2.  I’ve been playing around with Salesforce Lightning components and one of the obvious things that seems to be missing is a UI component to lookup a record in a Salesforce custom object

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Salesforce Lightning support in Sublime Text 3 for Mac OSX

If you’re developing Salesforce Lightning components you’ll probably reach a stage where you get fed up of using the Dev Console. Right now the Eclipse based IDE doesn’t support lightning and Joe Ferraro is still working on the latest updates


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Managing the heap using SOQL For Loops (with a little code seperation)

I’m a big fan of code separation and code reuse. When I’m coding I like to keep my SOQL out of the business logic and in a gateway class of its own. That way I can reuse common queries in

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Pebble Watch: Salesforce Approvals – Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at creating the Salesforce server application to expose the Approvals and the target objects via some REST based web services. In the second part of this article we look at creating the Pebble watch app

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Pebble Watch: Salesforce Approvals – Part 1

I recently bought a Pebble ‘smart’ watch and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. Rather than try and replace the phone in your pocket, it works to extend it by providing you with notifications and an app

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Apex Code Tip – Sending Email to Salesforce Users

Apex allows you send emails from code using the Messaging namespace. As usual Salesforce governor limits are at work and you could unwittingly hit your limits without needing to. If you are sending email to users within your organisation, make

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Undercover Maps

The Map class is probably the most useful collection on the Salesforce platform. When you combine a Map with a SOQL query you have a really cool tool for automatically populutating a Map of SObjects keyed on Id using a

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This piece was written for my first Leeds Savage Club meet on the theme ‘Routine’. A jolly nice bunch of people they are too. Another morning in the Kent household. Forget the alarm clock, my body clock is accurate to

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Apex Approval Actions

Approval Processes are a great feature of the Salesforce platform. They stand firmly behind the ‘No Software’ banner by giving ‘Power Users’ the ability to configure approval criteria and outcomes via a point and click interface. Aproval outcomes can create

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Life in the Slow Lane – Summer Vacation 2013

It’s been a little bit of a pipe dream of mine to take off behind the wheel of an old VW camper van. A couple of years ago a friend posted some pictures of their weekend travels through Yorkshire in

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